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The Federation of Cambodian Investors (CCAI) plays significant role in attracting international investors to Cambodia.

Media LNN | Jun 19, 2023
The Federation of Cambodian Investors (CCAI) plays significant role in attracting international investors to Cambodia.
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CCIA will facilitate communication and collaboration among investors, provide information and resources related to the investment environment, and offer regular training and consulting services to investors.

The Integration of 6 famed Associations leads to a new Sprout of Cambodia Confederation Association.

In a bid to promote business growth and investment opportunities in the country, six prominent associations in Cambodia have transformed together as the Cambodia Confederation of Investors Association (CCIA).

Representatives of the government, embassies, business leaders from various sectors, and members of the investment community attended the soft launch ceremony of CCIA at the NagaWorld on Saturday 17th June 2023.

CCIA comprises several chambers of commerce, including the Cambodia Chinese Commerce Association (CCCA), Cambodia Footwear Association (CFA), Cambodia Travel Goods and Leather Association (CTLA), China Sichuan & Chongqing Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (CYZSH), Malaysian Business Chamber of Cambodia (MBCC) and Singapore Club Cambodia (SCC).


“The main aim to launch CCIA is because we want to reduce the financial spending as well as the complexity of administrative forms”. Oknha Ly Kunthai, President of CFA told Alynana in a short interview.


Most of the associations are foreigners. Each association has to maintain and respond to lots of complicated administrative forms and hire staff, including office staff, and translation officers (Chinese and English Translators). He added that there is such a spending amount on webinars or other official events.

“The association aims to expand the business platform and assist domestic and foreign investors in finding more opportunities in the country,” top officials told Khmer Times about the objective of CCIA.

The official added that it also intends to promote the country’s economic development and improve the investment environment.  The new association aims to integrate resources and expertise from various sectors to provide better support and services to investors.

During the ceremony, key members of CCIA delivered speeches emphasizing the mission and goals of the industry body.


In an exclusive interview with ALYNANA (LNN), the six leaders of the Cambodian Federation of Investors (CCAI) said that another important mission (CCAI) is to spread and inform international investors: not to believe information that is not true about Cambodia. And the association added that please do not be afraid to come and see Cambodia’s reality. Cambodia has changed from the previous 40 years ago. Cambodia is peaceful and there is development in all areas as the Royal Government of Cambodia always helps Facilitate and provide a convenient and favorable environment for all international investors.